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Habaeb District حارة الحبايب (Sa'eed Saleh) - (1989) Egyptian one-sheet

Habaeb District (1989) - (Saeed Saleh) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian film poster designed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour to promote the 1989 Hassan El-Seify 100-minute color film Habaeb District starring Saeed Saleh and Younes Shalabi based on a story by Morad Ali Amin with screenplay and dialogue by Kamal Salah Eddine and cinematography by Aly Khairollah. Plot summary: Sayed Ahmed Desouqi [Saeed Saleh] and Farouq Abdel Daem Ibrahim [Younes Shalabi] were distibutors of residential gas cannisters living in the Habaeb district. They loved two sisters whom they had promised to marry, but on their distribution rounds they met and fell in love with two other women. These two women, who were nightclub dancers, decided to set a trap for them. One of the women named Soraya [Nagwa Fouad] led the men to the apartment of Aziz, a jeweler, so she could steal his jewels and blame them. She got Sayed and Farouq drunk; when they became sober and saw the crime that had been committed, they fled the scene with the help of one of the building residents. A disagreement broke out between Soraya and her friend, because the stolen jewels were found to be fake. The police were notified, Soraya was arrested and Sayed and Farouq were exonerated and returned to the Habaeb district and their girlfriends.

Cast and crew: Sa'eed Saleh, Younes Shalabi, Nagwa Fouad, Nabila Karam, Naima Al Soghayar, Hassan Hussein, Hassan El-Seify, Aly Kheirolla, Magda Hamada, Mohamed Abo Hashish, Nsnils Karam, Fouad Khalil, Samira Sedki, Salah Yehia, Sayed Alam, Mahmoud Abuzaid

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