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The Beast Within االوحش داخل الانسان (Mahmoud Yassine) - (1981) Egyptian one-sheet

The Beast Within (1981) - (Mahmoud Yassine) Egyptian one-sheet

Pictured is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Morteda Anise to promote the 1981 Ahshraf Fahmy 90-minute color film The Beast Within [al-wahsh dakhel al-insan] based on the 1867 Emile Zola novel Therese Raquin with screenplay and dialogue by Abdel Hay Adib and cinematography by Wahid Farid. Plot summary: Sodfa suffered because of her husband Sayed, who was her idiotic cousin. They lived together in his mother's house in Abu Qir. After returning from the completion of his studies, Mahmoud began supervising a brick factory owned by Sayed's mother. This upset Sodfa, who had been in a relationship with Mahmoud. Mahmoud confirmed his love and she asked him to marry her after she asked for a divorce from Sayed, who admitted he had overheard them talking. Mahmoud got into a fight with Sayed and Sodfa encouraged him to kill him. Mahmoud met the dancer Lawahez, which made Sodfa jealous and they quarreled. The mother learned the truth about her son's murderer after she overheard a conversation between the lovers and she became paralyzed. Lawahez was murdered and the police called Sodfa as a witness. Mahmoud thought the police had discovered their crime. He wrote a letter of confession to exonerate Sodfa and gave it to one of the people in town; when Mahmoud learned the truth he went with Sodfa to try to recover the letter before it was given to the police, but they were both killed when when a wheel flew off their horse-drawn wagon and it crashed into the Nile.

Cast and crew: Ashraf Fahmy, Sa'eed Saleh, Salah El-Saadany, Zouzou Hamdy El-Hakim, Nahed Sherif, Mahmoud Yassine, Emile Zola, Hayatem, Wahid Farid, Abdel Hay Adib

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