Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Jacaré, Killer of the Amazon (1942) - (Frank Buck) US herald

Jacaré (1942) - (Frank Buck) US herald

This is a 7" x 10" herald for the 1942 Charles E. Ford documentary film Jacaré written by Thomas L. Lennon and narrated by Frank Buck, a professional collector of zoo animals. Synopsis: The film narrates an expedition done as a commercial filming and animal collection project in the Spring of 1942 in the lower part of the Amazon river, led by Clyde E. Elliott, Charles E. Ford and James Dannaldson. The team spent three and a half months at the mouth of the Amazon with a crew of 35 bearers and animal catchers, cataloging and collecting footage of local wild animals including a 28-foot anaconda, many caymans, jaguars, ocelots, water buffalo, anteaters, harpy eagles, jabiru storks, tucans, coatimundi, tapirs, armadillos and capybaras. Jacaré is the Brazilian name for the Amazon's man-eating alligator (cayman).

Cast and crew: Frank Buck, Jim Dannaldson, Charles E. Ford, Thomas Lennon, Miguel Roginsky

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