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Killer Bait (1955) - (Lizabeth Scott) US program sheet

Killer Bait (1955) - (Lizabeth Scott) US program sheet

This is an 11" x 17" two-sided press sheet for the 1955 Byron Haskin noir film Killer Bait, a rerelease of the 1949 Too Late for Tears, based on a serial written for the Saturday Evening Post and a screenplay both by Roy Huggins and starring Lizabeth Scott as Jane Palmer. Plot summary: Jane and Alan Palmer [Arthur Kennedy] are driving to a party late at night on a lonely highway when a satchel containing about $60000 is unexpectedly tossed into their back seat. The money is obviously meant for someone else because they have to evade a pursuer on the way home; when they examine the stash in their Hollywood apartment Alan wants to turn it in to the police, but Jane wants to hang on to it so Alan puts it in a locker at Union Station to satisfy her. Before long someone named Danny Fuller [Dan Duryea] comes to their apartment posing as a detective, but then drops the facade when he finds some newly purchased goods and realizes Jane has been spending the stash; he claims the money belongs to him. Jane tells Danny she will split the money with him, but she really plans to kill him when she gets him out into the hills. Danny realizes he cannot trust Jane and flees. In a later altercation Jane shoots her husband during a boat ride, dumps him in the lake and then reports him to the police as a missing person. Jane later retrieves the money from the locker and goes to Danny's apartment to ask for his help, but ends up killing him with a poisoned drink instead.

Cast and crew: Byron Haskin, Roy Huggins, Lizabeth Scott, Don DeFore, Dan Duryea, Arthur Kennedy, Kristine Miller, Barry Kelley, Hunt Stromberg

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