Friday, July 31, 2015

Inseminoid (1981) - (Judy Geeson) US one-sheet

Inseminoid (1981) - (Judy Geeson) US one-sheet

This is a 27" x 41" US one-sheet poster for the 1981 Norman J. Warren film Inseminoid AKA Horror Planet written by Nick and Gloria Maley and starring Judy Geeson as Sandy. Plot summary: Somewhere out in the future scientists are excavating ruins from an ancient civilization on a remote planet. While collecting crystals in a cave, Sandy is attacked by an enormous alien creature and impregnated. She then takes on superhuman powers and begins attacking her colleagues and their facilities.

Cast and crew: Norman J. Warren, Judy Geeson, Nick Maley, Gloria Maley, Sir Run Run Shaw, Robin Clarke, Jennifer Ashley, Stephanie Beacham, Steven Grives, Victoria Tennant, Barrie Houghton, Rosalind Lloyd, Trevor Thomas, Heather Wright, David Baxt, Dominic Jephcott, John Segal, Kevin O'Shea, Robert Pugh

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