Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Jungle (1952) - (Rod Cameron) Argentine one-sheet

The Jungle (1952) - (Rod Cameron) Argentine one-sheet

This is a 29" x 43" Argentine poster for the 1952 William Berke film The Jungle written by Orville Hampton and Caroll Young and starring Rod Cameron as hunter Steve Bentley. This was India's first science fiction film. Plot summary: At the suggestion of royal adviser Rama Singh [Cesar Romero], Steve Bentley and Princess Mari [Marie Windsor] go into an Indian jungle with a team of soldiers and trackers looking for the cause of a rash of wild animal stampedes that have caused many deaths. The princess, Singh and the local people believe a herd of wild elephants is to blame and the jungle probe's mission to destroy the herd, but Bentley thinks something else is stampeding it.

Cast and crew: Rod Cameron, Cesar Romero, Marie Windsor, William Berke, Orville H. Hampton, Carroll Young, Ruby Mayer, M.N. Nambiar, David Abraham, Ramakrishna, Chitra Devi

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