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Jubal (1956) - (Glenn Ford) US one-sheet

Jubal (1956) - (Glenn Ford) US one-sheet

This is a 27" x 41" US one-sheet poster for the 1956 Delmer Daves film Jubal based on the novel by Paul I. Wellman with screenplay by Russell S. Hughes and Delmer Daves and starring Glenn Ford as Jubal Troop. This is a Western reworking of Shakespeare's Othello where Ernest Borgnine is the Othello character in his role as Shep Horgan, Rod Steiger is Iago in his role as 'Pinky' Pinkum and Glenn Ford's Jubal Troop is Cassio. Plot summary: Shep Horgan finds Jubal Troop on the side of a road with no horse and in a weakened condition. He gives Jubal shelter and Jubal quickly gets into a conflict with cattleman Pinky; Pinky says Jubal smells like sheep. Horgan likes Jubal and offers him work at the ranch. His wife Mae [Valerie French] also expresses an interest in Jubal behind Horgan's back. Jubal is actually interested in Naomi [Felicia Farr], a young woman who is part of a religious wagon train camped on the ranch. When Pinky and the other cowhands try to drive them away, Jubal stands up for them; this further antagonizes Pinky. Jubal has an ally in Reb [Charles Bronson], who has joined the wagon train. Horgan ends up hiring Reb to help Jubal. When Horgan confronts Jubal with a gun because he suspects him of having a relationship with his wife, Jubal kills him with a pistol Reb throws to him.

Cast and crew: Delmer Daves, Russell S. Hughes, Paul I. Wellman, Glenn Ford, Ernest Borgnine, Rod Steiger, Valerie French, Felicia Farr, Basil Ruysdale, Noah Beery Jr., Charles Bronson, John Dierkes, Jack Elam, Robert Burton

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