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Jack and the Beanstalk (1974) - (dir: Gisaburo Sugii) US one-sheet

Jack and the Beanstalk (R1976) - (dir: Gisaburo Sugii) US one-sheet

This is a US 27" x 41" one-sheet poster for a 1976 rerelease of the 1974 Gisaburo Sugii film Jack and the Beanstalk, English version written and directed by Peter J. Solmo with screenplay by Shuji Hirami and starring Billie Lou Watt as the voice of Jack. This is a Japanese musical animation release based on the familiar fairy tale, with a few twists. The English dubbed version has its own character voice actors. Plot summary: When poor Jack climbs way into the clouds to the top of a beanstalk that grew from a handful of magic beans he got in a trade for the family cow, he finds himself in a castle courtyard face-to-face with Margaret [Corinne Orr], the castle's princess. Margaret tells Jack she is very happy because tomorrow she will marry her beloved Prince Tulip (the giant) [Jack Grimes]. This intended of Margaret's is not a menacing, fierce giant of the fee-fi-fo-fum variety; this one is a stupid, clumsy, easily manipulated fellow. Margaret introduces Jack to Prince Tulip's mother, Madame Hecuba [Corinne Orr], actually an evil witch who has Margaret spellbound. The witch's plan is to become queen of the Land of the Clouds after Tulip and Margaret are married. She puts Jack to sleep with drugged soup because she wants to eat him, but Jack wakes up and escapes when the witch hides him from the approaching giant. Jack meets some pantomiming mice dressed as courtiers; they were once the people of the castle before the witch turned them into mice after killing the castle's king and queen (Jack gets this information from a talking harp). Jack sees a hen that lays golden eggs and when he climbs back down the beanstalk he takes it with him along with some of the treaure he finds lying around. He and his mother rejoice at their good fortune, but Jack's dog Crosby [Jack Grimes] reminds him he must go back up and prevent Margaret's marriage to Tulip. Back at the top, Jack learns from the harp that Hecuba's spell over the princess will be broken if someone brave kisses her. Jack crashes the wedding and kisses Margaret. Then Margaret wakes up and recognizes Tulip and Madame Hecuba for who they really are. An angry Tulip is about to step on Jack, but then steps on the witch instead. Then the mice all become people again, but the giant chases Jack down the beanstalk; as in the original tale Jack chops down the beanstalk causing Tulip to fall to his death.

Cast and crew: Gisaburo Sugii, Peter J. Solmo, Jack Grimes, Corinne Orr, Billie Lou Watt

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