Wednesday, November 4, 2015

18 Fatal Strikes (1978) - (Tung Wei) Hong Kong one-sheet

18 Fatal Strikes (1978) - (Tung Wei) Hong Kong poster

This is a 27.25" x 19.5" Hong Kong poster for the 1978 Ching Chen Yang film 18 Fatal Strikes AKA shi ba luo han quan based on a screenplay by Chih-hung Hsieh and Sung Pe-Liu and starring Wei Tung as Hsiao Tung. Plot summary: Hsiao Tung learns the mysterious 18 Buddha palm technique from an experienced monk and then after several provocations resolves to take on the evil Wong Wu Ti, leader of the Manchu army.

Cast and crew: Joe Cheung, Dean Shek, Cheng Shih Chun, Tung Wei, Shih Tien, Wen Chiang Lung, Yang Kuang, Shen Hai Yun, Wang Hoi, Kuan Hung, Shih Chung Tieng, Hung Chi Chang, Shu Lin Chang, Shang Chen, Yan Hsiao, Wen-Yui Hui, Chang Sheng Ko, Hung Kwan, Li-Pao Ou, Chung Tien Shih, Ting Ken Shih, Lung Szema

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