Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Island of the Fishmen (1979) - (Barbara Bach) Lebanese poster

Island of the Fishmen (1979) - (Barbara Bach) Lebanese one-sheet

This is a 27.5" x 39" Lebanese one-sheet poster by an unknown designer for the 1979 Sergio Martino film Island of the Fishmen AKA Screamers AKA Something Waits in the Dark AKA Island of Mutations AKA Volcano Island based on a story by Cesare Frugoni and Luciano Martino from the 1931 H.P. Lovecraft novella The Shadow over Innsmouth with screenplay by Sergio Donati, Cesare Frugoni and Sergio Martino and starring Barbara Bach as Amanda Marvin. Plot summary: In the late 19th Century Edmond Rackham [Richard Johnson] has discovered the lost city of Atlantis at a depth of 2000 feet in the waters surrounding a remote Caribbean island. He manipulates Professor Ernest Marvin [Joseph Cotten], a biologist, into doing laboratory modifications on ordinary people to transform them into grotesque fishmen; Marvin controls these fishmen to help Rackham plunder the lost city's treasures. The enterprise is discovered in May 1891 by Lieutenant Claude de Ross [Claudio Cassinelli], a French military physician, when he and a small group of convicts are washed onto the island after surviving a shipwreck. De Ross collaborates with Rackham's captive Amanda Marvin, the daughter of Ernest Marvin, in an escape attempt.

Cast and crew: Barbara Bach, Claudio Cassinelli, Richard Johnson, Joseph Cotten, Sergio Martino, Sergio Donati, Cesare Frugoni, Luciano Martino, Beryl Cunningham, Franco Iavarone, Roberto Posse, Giuseppe Castellano, Franco Mazzieri, Jim Alquist, Enice Bolt, Tom J. Delaney, Mel Ferrer, Cameron Mitchell

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