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Ninja Thunderbolt (R1986) - (Richard Harrison) Egyptian one-sheet

Ninja Thunderbolt (1984) - (Richard Harrison) Egyptian one-sheet Poster

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian one-sheet poster designed by Moaty for a 1986 rerelease of the 1984 Ming Chin and Godfrey Ho film Ninja Thunderbolt AKA zhi zun shen tou written by Ming Chin and Godfrey Ho and starring Richard Harrison as Ninja Master Richard Lohman. Godfrey Ho is known as the Ed Wood of Hong Kong and Ninja Thunderbolt is his most successful effort. Plot summary: A member of the Ninja Empire named Richard Lohman decides to leave because he's fed up with the group's corrupt leadership. He enlists Hong Kong's Detective Inspector Wang [Harry Wong] to track down the empire's leader and put an end to his crime spree. The plot is disjointed and hard to follow, but the plot is not the point. This film relies on outrageous fight sequences and stunts to please viewers. It consists partly of reused action footage from a Taiwan film with the English title To Catch a Thief and includes a very funny scene with ninjas on roller skates chasing Inspector Wang driving a tiny three-wheeled car. Although Jackie Chan has top billing on this Egyptian poster, he has no character role and only gets about 10 seconds of screen time in the film. Like many other Arabic translations for the titles of foreign films on Egyptian posters, the Arabic title on this poster fetat al-ninja al-motewahesha [فتاة النينجا المتوحشة The Savage Ninja Girl] has more to do with local marketing than with the content of the film.

Cast and crew: Ming Chin, Godfrey Ho, Jackie Chan, Richard Harrison, Don Wong, Yasuaki Kurata, Kulada Yasuaki, Barbara Yuen, Wang Tao, Randy To, Anna Jewis, Sidney Pang, Tracey Yeh, Mohammad Abel, John Ladalski, Mohammad Abel, Richard Cheng, Steve Kwan, Tao Chang, Hsiu-li Chen

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