Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pardon Us (1931) - (Laurel & Hardy) Indian ad hoc stock poster

Pardon Us (1931) - (Laurel & Hardy) Indian ad hoc stock poster

This is a 30" x 40" undated Indian ad hoc stock poster for the 1931 James Parrott film Pardon Us with dialogue by H.M. Walker and starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy as themselves. Plot summary: Laurel and Hardy are put in prison for bootlegging; after making a brief escape they are caught again. At no time during the film do they appear in the garments they are shown wearing on this poster, but never mind! This film was a parody of the 1930 George W. Hill film The Big House. The image on the poster is taken from a 1946 rerelease lobby card for the 1940 Gordon Douglas film Saps at Sea:

Cast and crew: James Parrott, H.M. Walker, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, June Marlowe, Wilfred Lucas, James Finlayson, Walter Long, Tiny Sandford

Thanks to Ed Poole for help with terminology!

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