Saturday, November 28, 2015

Phenomenon (1996) - (John Travolta) US one-sheet

Phenomenon (1996) - (John Travolta) US one-sheet

This is a 27" x 40" US one-sheet poster for the 1996 John Turteltaub film Phenomenon written by Gerald Di Pego and starring John Travolta as George Malley. Plot summary: On his birthday at the age of 37 George Malley, the owner of an auto repair shop in a small California town, undergoes a psychic transformation and takes on impressive new powers due to an unexplained celestial visitation. He develops telekinetic abilities, the ability to speak Spanish, speed read, play chess like a master and predict earthquakes. Cast and crew: John Travolta, Kyra Sedgwick, Forest Whitaker, Robert Duvall, John Turteltaub, Gerald Di Pego, Jeffrey DeMunn, Richard Kiley, David Gallagher, Ashley Buccille, Tony Genaro, Sean O'Bryan, Michael Milhoan, Troy Evans, Bruce A. Young, Vyto Ruginis, Brent Spiner

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