Saturday, September 3, 2016

Jumbo (1962) - (Doris Day) US three-sheet

Jumbo (1962) - (Doris Day) US three-sheet

This is a US 41" x 81" two-piece folded three-sheet movie poster for the 1962 Charles Walters film Jumbo based on a book by Ben Hecht and Charles McArthur, screenplay by Sidney Sheldon and starring Doris Day as Kitty Wonder. Plot summary: At the beginning of the 20th Century Anthony Wonder [Jimmy Durante] owns and operates the Wonder Circus and performs in it as a clown. He has a gambling addiction which keeps the circus in debt, and its survival is in doubt because it is having trouble keeping its unpaid employees on the job. Its star attraction is its trained elephant, Jumbo.

Cast and crew: Doris Day, Jimmy Durante, Martha Raye, Stephen Boyd, Dean Jagger, Sidney Sheldon, Billy Rose, Roger Eden, Charles Walters, Joe Pasternak, Joseph Waring, Lynn Wood, Charles Watts, James Chandler, Robert Burton, Wilson Wood, Norman Leavitt, Grady Sutton, Ron Henon, The Carlisles

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