Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Love Cage (1964) - (Jane Fonda) US three-sheet poster

The Love Cage (1964) - (Jane Fonda) US three-sheet

This is a folded two-piece 41" x 81" US three-sheet poster for the 1964 Rene Clement film The Love Cage AKA Joy House based on the 1954 Day Keene novel Joy House, screenplay by Pascal Jardin, Rene Clement and Charles Williams and starring Alain Delon as Marc. Plot summary: On the French Riviera Marc is a petty criminal on the run, seeking refuge in a soup line. Two cousins Melinda [Jane Fonda] and Barbara [Lola Albright] are volunteer servers who take him to a mansion Barbara owns; there they feed and protect him. Melinda also wants to seduce him.

Cast and crew: Rene Clement, Day Keene, Pascal Jardin, Charles Williams, Jane Fonda, Alain Delon, Lola Albright, Sorrell Booke, Carl Studer, Andre Oumansky, Arthur Howard, George Gaynes, Annette Poivre, Berett Arcaya, Marc Mazza, Jacques Bezard, Jean-Pierre Honore, Georges Douking, Del Negro

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