Friday, September 16, 2016

Journey inside the Woman رحلة داخل امراة (Nadia Lutfi) - (1978) Egyptian one-sheet

Journey inside the Woman (1978) - (Nadia Lutfi) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Wahib Fahmy to promote the 1978 Ashraf Fahmy 110-minute black-and-white film Journey inside the Woman [rahlet dakhel emra'a] starring Nadia Lutfi based on a story with dialogue by Moussa Sabry, screenplay by Rafiq As-Sabban and cinematography by Wahid Farid. Plot Summary: Kamal was willing to set aside his principles for the sake of his greed and his ambition to get into high positions. His wife Amal was left to languish in boredom because her husband was too busy for her. She had no problem letting her innocent friendship with Mahmoud develop into a love affair, but she didn't rush into it because she wanted to hang on to her social position as a wife, so she asked Mahmoud to keep his distance. Mahmoud's fortunes improved and he acquired a lot of money and property, so he quit his studies and research, but Amal no longer knew him as the person he used to be, and their relationship changed. She was not close to her husband either but she carried on with her life and stuck to her principles.

Cast and crew: Ashraf Fahmy, Nabila Ebeid, Tewfk El Dekn, Mahmoud Rashad, Hussein El Sherbni, Nour El-Sherif, Shukry Sarhan, Nadia Lutfi, Moussa Sabry, Wahid Farid, Malek El Gamal, Rafiq As-Sabban, Nadia Arsalan, Wedad Hamdy, Aida Abdel Aziz, Nahed Samir, Omar Nagy, Ashraf Al-Salahdar, Farouk Felouks, Nadia Shukry

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