Friday, September 23, 2016

The Squeeze (1978) - (Lee Van Cleef) Italian four-sheet poster

The Squeeze (1978) - (Lee Van Cleef) Italian four-sheet

This is a 55" x 77" Italian four-sheet poster for the 1978 Antonio Margheriti film The Squeeze AKA The Rip-Off based on story and screenplay by Paul Costello, Marc Princi and Giovanni Simonelli and starring Lee Van Cleef as Chris Gretchko/Ray Sloan. Plot summary: Retired safecracker Chris Gretchko has been induced to go to New York and do a final robbery. The people behind the heist are planning to kill him when the job is finished.

Cast and crew: Antonio Margheriti, Anthony M. Dawson, Paul Costello, Marc Princi, Giovanni Simonelli, Simon O'Neill, Lee Van Cleef, Karen Black, Edward Albert, Lionel Stander, Robert Alda, Angelo Infanti, Antonella Murgia, Peter Carsten, Dan van Husen, Dyane Silverstein, Steven Burch, Ron Van Clief, Bob Hevelone, Roy Brocksmith, Ewald G. Spader

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