Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Five in Hell خمسة في الجحيم (Sa'eed Saleh) - (1982) Egyptian one-sheet

Five in Hell (1982) - (Sa'eed Saleh) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian one-sheet poster designed by Ahmed Fouad for the 1982 Ahmed Sarwat film Five in Hell based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Sami Ghoneim, cinematography by Said Chimi and starring Sa'eed Saleh as Fahmy. Plot summary: Fahmy makes an agreement with his friends Nasr [Younes Shalaby] and Kamal [Ahmed Adawiyya] to steal a company's treasury to pay for the medical expenses of Fahmy's son. After stealing the money they hide it before they are arrested.

Cast and crew: Ahmed Tharwat, Sa'eed Saleh, Sami Ghoneim, Younes Shalaby, Ahmed Adawiyya, Wahid Seif, Aly El Cherif, Essad Youniss, Aida Riad, Ahmed Abdel Waress, Zizi Mustafa, Said Chimi, Othman Abdul Menem, Mohamed Abo Hashish, Salah Yehia, Nasr Hammad

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