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Women and the Law امراة والقانون (Sherihan) - (1987) Egyptian one-sheet

Women and the Law (1987) - (Sherihan) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Morteda to promote the 1987 110-minute Nadia Hamza color film Women and the Law starring Sherihan based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Samira Mohsen and with cinematography by Sherif Ehsan. Plot summary: Nadia [Sherihan] was a medical student in love with a young attorney named Ahmed [Farouk al-Fichawy]. Her mother [Magda El-Khatib] worked as a nurse at a hospital and sacrificed her health and her youth so her only daughter could graduate and realize her dream of becoming a physician. Mahmoud [Sami El-Adl] was a businessman who owned the building where the mother and daughter lived and wanted to marry the daughter, but when he tried to court her he was surprised to find she was already engaged to the young attorney. Mahmoud therefore asked the mother to marry him instead, while harboring a desire to get the daughter by any means. The mother agreed to marry Mahmoud and he lived with her and her daughter in the same apartment. Mahmoud was addicted to heroin, had lost control of himself and was totally under the influence of the drug. One night when Mahmoud was in the hospital for treatment he left his room, found Nadia and raped her. Nadia's mother tried to intervene and save her but she did not arrive in time, so she took Mahmoud's pistol and killed him to save her honor and that of her daughter.

Cast and crew: Nadia Hamza, Sherif Ehsan, Morteda, Sherihan, Farouk Al-Fichawy, Magda El-Khatib, Sami El-Adl, Said Tarabeek, Samira Mohsen, E'tedal Shahin, Wahid Ezzat, Abdel Moneim al-Nemr, Rabi' al-Saghir, Mervat Morad, Aida Nour, Abdel Gawad Metwali

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