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Torments of Love عذاب الحب Madiha Kamel 1980 Egyptian one-sheet

Torments of Love (1980) - (Madiha Kamel) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour and Morteda Anise for the 1980 Ali Abdel-Khalek film Torments of Love based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Mostafa Moharram and starring Madiha Kamel as Madiha. Plot summary: Ismail [Salah Nazmi] discovered a relationship between his wife and his friend Salem. He notified the police so they could prove the relationship between them. The police arrived and arrested Salem, but the wife killed herself with an overdose of pills. The years passed and Ismail's son Ahmed [Imad Abdel Halim] met Salem's daughter Madiha [Madiha Kamel] at a university where they were both students. Ahmed told his father about his relationship with Madiha and how he sincerely loved her and wanted his father's approval to marry her. Ahmed's father discovered that Madiha was his friend Salem's daughter so he opposed the marriage. Ahmed had to run away with Madiha to marry her. He was obliged to work in a nightclub, but his father Ismail still tried to end the relationship. He notified Madiha's fiance Rifaat [Ahmad Khamees] (Madiha's father had agreed to their engagement). He gave Rifaat the address of the nightclub where Ahmed was working; Rifaat tried to kill Ahmed just after the wedding, but Madiha stepped into the line of fire and was killed herself.

Cast and crew: Madiha Kamel, Said Shimi, Ahmad Khamees, Imad Abdel Halim, Farouk Al-Fichawy, Salah Nazmi, Mohamed Khalil, Ali Abdel-Khalek, Aida Riad, Amal Ibrahim, Marwah El Khatib, Wasila Hussein, Mokhtar Al Sayed, Ahmed Farid, Sami Nawar, Mostafa Moharram

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