Tuesday, September 27, 2016

When the Wives Are Away عندما تغيب الزوجات Duraid Lahham 1975 Lebanese one-sheet

When the Wives Are Away (1975) - (Duraid Laham) Lebanese one-sheet

This is a 27.5" x 39" Lebanese poster for the 1975 Marwan Awaki Syrian film When the Wives Are Away AKA endma teghayeb al-zawgat based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Fares Yewakim and starring Duraid Lahham as Ghawar. Plot summary: Ghawar had two jobs. During the day he was a museum guide and at night he was a sculptor. He lived with his friend Hosny [Nohad Qali]. Both of them had wives who were constantly away from home. A gang was planning to steal a small statue from the museum where Ghawar was working. The gang gave two beautiful girls the job of doing the theft. The girls rented an apartment across the hall from Ghawar and Hosny; the one named Susie [Imane] pretended by turns to be in love with both of them. The girls then induced Ghawar to help them steal the statue and take them to the airport. They were arrested when they got there along with their gang.

Cast and crew: Marwan Akawi, Mohammed Al Rawas, Muriel, Duraid Laham, Nohad al-Qali, Imane, Nagah Hafiz, Abdel Latif Fathi, Muriel Montossé, Antonio Musa, Mohammad al-Akkad, Ragaa Torkaji, Ahmed al-Kheir, Tarek Kiki, Mowafek Shawkat, Fares Yewakim

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