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Che [چ] (Ezzatolah Entezami) - (2014) Iranian Film Poster

Che (2014) - (Ezzatolah Entezami) Iranian Film Poster

This is a 26.75" x 38" Iranian poster designed by Mohammad Hossein Houshmandi to promote the 2014 90-minute Ebrahim Hatamikia film Che starring Fariborz Arabnia based on a screenplay by Ebrahim Hatamikia with cinematography by Hossein Jafarian. Plot summary: This film covers a two-day period in August 1979 when Dr. Mostafa Chamran was sent to the city of Paveh in northwest Iran by the interim government to put an end to the internal clashes that had erupted there between the people of Paveh, the separatist Kurds and the revolutionary guard combatants. Chamran went as a peacemaker but he had to go against Ali Asghar Vesali [Babak Hamidian], the revolutionary guard commander at Paveh who wanted justice, and he also had to convince Dr. Enayati [Mehdi Soltani], the leader of the rebellious Kurds, to back off from the fighting. Vesali, a passionate and revolutionary youth, saw Chamran's peacemaking and desire to stop the clashes as reactionary and constantly struggled with him. Brigadier General Fallahi, [Saeed Rad] the commander of the Army ground force, also had a different view of the war and tried to manage the situation in the way he thought appropriate. Chamran made every effort to encourage the various intellectual and ideological groups to unite and behave rationally, but contrary to his expectations Enayati, who was also his old comrade, did not accept his call for peace, nor were Vesali and his comrades-in-arms willing to stop fighting. Chamran thus went through two difficult, intolerable days while the competing forces were taking over the city. Finally by direct order from Imam Khomeini on 18 August armed forces with artillery, tanks, fighter jets and helicopters were quickly dispatched to the site from the capital and the fighting was stopped the next day. This order from Khomeini took the unusual form of a fatwa; the siege of the city and the extensive killings of Kurds that followed, though not covered in the film, are remembered with great bitterness today by Iran's Kurds.

Cast and crew: Ebrahim Hatamikia, Fariborz Arabnia, Saeed Rad, Merila Zare'i, Babak Hamidian, Mehdi Soltani, Esmail Soltanian, Amir Reza Delavari, Khosrow Shahraz, Payam Larian, Hussein Jafarian

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