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Leaning on the Wind [تکیه بر باد] (Amin Hayayee) - (2000) Iranian Film Poster

Leaning on the Wind [tekye bar bad] (2000) - (Amin Hayayee) Iranian Film Poster

This is a 26.75" x 38.25" Iranian poster designed to promote the 2000 Dariush Farhang film Leaning on the Wind [tekye bar bad] starring Amin Hayayee based on a story by Fereydoun Farhudi with cinematography by Reza Banki. Plot summary: Sina [Amin Hayayee], a youth from southern Iran, goes to Tehran to look for a good job. He promises his fiance Leila [Leia Zanganeh] that after he succeeds with his job he will return to Khorramshahr, the city where he was born. In Tehran Sina gets a job working in a factory for a wealthy man named Farjami [Davoud Rashidi] and is soon noticed because of his honesty and hard work. Farjami's daughter Marjan [Marila Zare'i], who does not know about Sina's fiance, gradually becomes enamored of him. In his letters to Leila Sina says he is happy with his job but he does not give a date for his return. Leila comes to Tehran unexpectedly and Sina, who has not told anyone in Tehran about his fiance, takes her to an inn. Leila tells him she is three months pregnant with his child and they must marry as soon as possible. Sina thinks he needs more time before marrying her so he takes her to an illegal abortion clinic, but he runs away with her when the police arrive to bust the clinic. Sina has made tentative plans to marry Marjan and goes north with her and her family, but he tells Leila he is going north because of his job. Sina's lie is quickly exposed; Leila follows him north and calls him at the home of his employer during his engagement celebration. Sina leaves the party in distress and takes Leila out on a rowboat, where they get into an argument. Leila suddenly falls into the water. Sina jumps in after her but does not find her. Shortly thereafter Sina is tried for murder and given the death penalty, but Leila's mother and Marjan are sure he is innocent.

There are strong similarities between this story and the one in the 1951 George Stevens film A Place in the Sun (thanks to Freddie Daniel).

Cast and crew: Dariush Farhang, Reza Banki, Dariush Farhudi, Amin Hayayee, Leia Zanganeh, Merila Zare'i, Davoud Rashidi, Zohre Hamidi, Salimeh Rangzan, Kazem Hazhir Azad, Tayyeb Sherafati, Shokat Daneshvar, Lorik Minassian

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