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Fusillade [تیرباران] (Majid Majidi) - (1986) Iranian Film Poster

Fusillade [tirbaran] (1986) - (Majid Majidi) Iranian Film Poster

This is a 26.5" x 38" Iranian poster designed by Bateni to promote the 1986 Ali Asghar Shadravan film Fussilade [tirbaran] starring Majid Majidi based on a screenplay by Ali Asghar Shadravan with cinematography by Homayun Payvar. Plot summary: In January 1965 Mohammad Andarzgoo and a few other people wait in front of the Parliament Building to assassinate Prime Minister Hassan Ali Mansour. The assassination is a success but all the assassins are arrested and executed after much investigation, with the exception of Andarzgoo. SAVAK agents are trying to catch Andarzgoo because they consider him one of the main planners of the assassination. However he disguises himself and continues the resistance. He is almost arrested several times, and each time this happens he has to move with his family to another city or village. At last the SAVAK surround his home and he is martyred in a fierce gunfight.

Cast and crew: Ali Asghar Shadravan, Majid Majidi, Jafar Dehghan, Ataollah Salmanian, Homayun Payvar, Reza Cheraghi, Habibollah Rajabali, Mahmoud Noruz, Naser Forough, Masoud Niknam, Mohammad Ahmadi, Ebrahim Aliasgari

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