Sunday, July 20, 2014

Useless and Pointless [بی‌خود و بی‌جهت] (Reza Attaran) - (2012) Iranian Film Poster

Useless and Pointless [bikhod o bijahat] (2011) - (Reza Attaran) Iranian Film Poster

Pictured is a 26.5" x 38.25" Iranian poster designed by Mohammad Reza Moradi to promote the 2012 Abdolreza Kahani film Useless and Pointless [bikhod o bijahat] starring Reza Attaran based on a story by Abdolreza Kahani with cinematography by Ali Loghmani. Plot summary: This film is about two couples trying to move in and out of the same apartment at the same time. This awkward situation was created by a schedule collision with a wedding.

Cast and crew: Abdolreza Kahani, Reza Attaran, Pantea Bahram, Negar Javaherian, Ali Loghmani, Kamran Mohamadi, Ali Ostadi, Ahmad Mehranfar, Mohammad Kart

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