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Night of the Hunchback [شب قوزی] (Khosro Sahami) - (1965) Iranian Film Poster

Night of the Hunchback [shabe qoozi] (1965) - (Khosro Sahami) Iranian Film Poster

This is a 25.75" x 17.75" Iranian film poster designed by Pasargadae to promote the 1965 Farokh Ghafari film The Night of the Hunchback [shabe qoozi] starring Khosro Sahami as the hunchback based on a screenplay by Jalal Moghadam and Farokh Ghafari with cinematography by Gerium Hayrapetian and Peter Paian. Plot summary: At the end of a show a hunchback member of a performing troupe has an accident and gets a bone caught in his throat. Everyone thinks he has died and his corpse becomes an embarrassment. They all try to get rid of it by moving it from one house to another but in the end the police find the body and arrest the miscreants who have been hiding in the group.

Cast and crew: Farokh Ghafari, Gerium Hayrapetian, Peter Palian, Farhang Amiri, Jalal Moghadam, Paria Hakemi, Zackaria Hashemi, Reza Hushmand, Mohamad Ali Keshavarz, Ali Miri, Pari Saberi, Behruz Sayyadi, Khosro Sahami, Salman Venus, Hasan Farahani, Ghovampoor, Abbas Zarandi, Farrokh Legha Hooshmand, Karim Ali Rezai, Hossein Goorani, Ezzat Derakhshan

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