Thursday, July 3, 2014

Gelugah [گلوگاه] (Hadi Dibaji) - (2011) Iranian Film Poster

Gelugah (2011) - (Hadi Dibaji) Iranian Film Poster

Gelugah is a municipality in the Province of Mazandaran, where most of the people have jobs making high-pressure electrical towers. This film attempts to show aspects of life there, which according to director Moayeri is a unique part of Iran that is full of hardship, danger and violence; the film is based on real events, but it is not a documentary. The director said the process of getting the film shown in Iran was difficult because Iran's film industry is currently too limited in scope. The film is described in its promotional material as a story about some people we have never seen and whom we pass every day on the roads everywhere without noticing.

Cast and crew: Mohammad Ebrahim Moayeri, Hadi Dibaji, Ladan Mostoufi, Kamran Tafti, Siamak Atlasi, Ali Osivand, Morteza Masjed Jamei, Mohsen Nabavi, Habib Mozafari, Hassan Mehmani, Saqi Zeinati, Mirsalah Hoseyni, Nader Masoumi, Nobar Ghambarian

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