Friday, July 4, 2014

For Pooneh [به خاطر پونه] (Farhad Aslani) - (2012) Iranian Film Poster

For Pooneh (2012) - (Farhad Aslani) Iranian Film Poster

This is a 27" x 38.5" poster designed by Hamidreza Eshaqi to promote the 2012 Hatef Alimardani film For Pooneh [bekhatere pooneh] starring Farhad Aslani based on a story by Hatef Alimardani with cinematography by Mehdi Ja'fari. Plot summary: Majid [Farhad Aslani] is a middle-aged man from a middle-class family from an urban environment; his behavior generally follows traditional patterns and he is harsh and violent at times. Unlike Majid, his wife Pooneh [Hanie Tavassoli] is not from a traditional background and the film's content revolves to a great extent around the clash between the two cultures in their relationship. A big problem becomes apparent at the very beginning of the film when Pooneh has a confrontation with Majid about his drug addiction. Another chronic difficulty is Majid's suspicions about Pooneh. His sense of inadequacy makes him worry she is not loyal to him; he feels threatened by her computer instructor and becomes upset when he does not know her whereabouts.

Cast and crew: Hatef Alimardani, Farhad Aslani, Hanie Tavassoli, Tarlan Parvaneh, Mehdi Ja'fari, Ali Afshinrad, Mohammad Sarban

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