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Bird on the Road طائر على الطريق Ahmed Zaki 1981 Egyptian one-sheet

Bird on the Road (1981) - (Ahmed Zaki) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian one-sheet designed by Amal and printed by Gasour for the 1981 Mohamed Khan film Bird on the Road based on a story by Mohamed Khan with story, screenplay and dialogue by Bachir El Dik and starring Ahmed Zaki as Fares. Plot Summary: This is one of several Mohammed Khan road films, where most of the action follows a journey motif. The bird on the road in this film is the taxi driver Fares, who apparently has no home other than his car and spends his days driving passengers between Alexandria and Cairo. As the film opens Fares awakens in the morning after spending the night in his white station wagon taxi parked on a beach near Alexandria. He is then shown breakfasting at a cafe and listening to a morning radio broadcast as he prepares to begin a workday. Fares is innocently in love with a tomboy named Esmat, [Athar El-Hakim] who works at a ready-to-wear clothing store. He sees her on the street shortly after driving to Cairo. Ismail, [Amin El-Heinedy] the personal driver for the wealthy Gad, [Farid Shawqi] asks Fares to drive the old man's car because he is feeling exhausted. Fares meets Fawzia, [Fardous Abdel Hamid] when he is driving her and her husband Gad to the farm he owns in Fayad. Fares knew Fawzia had been suffering from her life with Gad, whom she had married because of threats from her father. Fares and Fawzia fall in love. Esmat marries someone else after she sees Fares's relationship with Fawzia. Fawzia agrees to marry Fares, even though Gad had refused to grant her a divorce. When Gad learns from his mother [Mimi Shakeeb] that his wife is pregnant he knows she has betrayed him. Fares calls Fawzia and senses she is in danger. Gad shoots at Fawzia with a shotgun as she is running from the farmbut misses, and she escapes. Fares hurries in his taxi to save Fawzia in Fayad, but is killed in a traffic accident on the way and never reaches her.

Cast and crew: Mohamed Khan, Fardous Abdel Hamid, Farid Shawqi, Ahmed Zaki, Athar El-Hakim, Mimi Shakeeb, Amin El-Heinedy, Said Shimi, Bachir El Dik, Hafez Amin

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