Monday, August 1, 2016

The Slave Merchants (1964) - (Kirk Morris) Italian fotobusta

The Slave Merchants (1964) - (Kirk Morris) Italian Busta

This is an 18.5" x 26.5" Italian fotobusta poster for the 1964 Antonio Margheriti film The Slave Merchants based on story and screenplay by Guido Malatesta, Arturo Rigel, Andre Tabet and starring Kirk Morris as Anthar, son of Hercules. Plot summary: Ganor, [Mario Feliciani] the leader of the desert people, becomes the most powerful person in the country after murdering the sultan of Baghdad and imprisoning his children Princess Soraya [Michele Girardon] and Prince Daikor [Manuel Gallardo. After Soraya escapes and jumps into a river she is rescued by Anthar and then goes to Baghdad with him where he gets Daykor out of prison. The three of them eventually join forces in a successful revolution against the sultan.

Cast and crew: Antonio Margheriti, Anthony Dawson, Guido Malatesta, Arturo Rigel, Andre Tabet, Kirk Morris, Michele Girardon, Manuel Gallardo, Mario Feliciani, Jose Jaspe, Renato Baldini, Aldo Cecconi, Roberto Dell'Acqua, Fedele Gentile, Malika Kamal, Tanya Lopert, Serena Michelotti, Laura Nucci, Nadine Verdier, Giacomo Furia

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