Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fist of Fury III (1979) - (Bruce Li) Hong Kong poster

Bruce Fist of Fury III (1979) - (Bruce Li) Hong Kong one-sheet

This is a 20.5"x 29.5"Hong Kong poster for the 1979 To Lo Po film Fist of Fury III based on a screenplay by Lung Yueh and starring Bruce Li as Chen Shen. Plot summary: When Chen Shen returns home from a trip he finds his brother is causing trouble in town, his mother has become brokenhearted and blind and a Japanese crime boss is threatening his family.

Cast and crew: Bruce Li, Lung Yueh, Ho Chung Do, Ku Phong, Tong Yim Chen, To Lo Po, Yen Tsan Tang, Feng Ku, Michelle Yim, Chiang Hui Tsai, Lai Wang, Ping-Tsan Chang, Ling Wei Chen, Wah Cheung, Siu Loi Chow, Yeh Fang, Hsiang He, Shang He, Bao-Hsing Ho, Chi Cheng Ho

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