Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lucky Luke (1991) - (Terence Hill) Egyptian one-sheet

Lucky Luke (1991) - (Terence Hill) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Ahmed Fouad for the 1991 Terence Hill Western comedy Lucky Luke based on a screenplay by Lori Hill and starring Terence Hill as Lucky Luke. Plot summary: After Lucky Luke becomes sheriff of Daisy Town, he drives out all the outlaws. Then the Dalton brothers try to instigate an indian attack. The story is narrated by Roger Miller,the voice of Lucky Luke's horse Jolly Jumper. Miller also sings the opening theme "Lucky Luke Rides Again," his own composition.

Cast and crew: Morris, Lori Hill, Rene Goscinny, Roger Miller, Terence Hill, Nancy Morgan, Roger Miller, Arlo Guthrie, Fritz Sperberg, Dominic Barto, Bo Greigh, Ron Carey, Dominic Barto, Bo Greigh, Fritz Sperberg, Arsenio 'Sonny' Trinidad, Neil Summers, Mark Hardwick, Buff Douthitt, Sky Fabin, Marc Mouchet, Radha Delamarter, Robin Westphal

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