Sunday, August 21, 2016

Silina سيلينا (Myriam Fares) - (2009) Lebanese one-sheet

silina (2009) - (Myriam Fares) Lebanese one-sheet

This is a 26.75" x 38.5" Lebanese poster for the 2009 Hatam Ali film Silina based on the play Hala and the King based on the 1956 Walter Lang film The King and I with story, screenplay and dialogue by Mansur Rahbani and starring Myriam Fares as Hala. Plot summary: This is a musical comedy with characters in opera masks singing and dancing in traditional costumes. The story is about a peasant girl torn between the romantic attentions of a commoner and a king.

Cast and crew: Hatam Ali, Myriam Fares, Georges Khabbaz, Duraid Lahham, Imane Rida, Ahmed AlAhmad, Bassel Khayyat, Andrea Sakkaf, Amar Omaria, Antwan Korbaj, Ayman Zidan, Nedal Segri, Rafiq Ali Ahmad, Hossam Tahsen Beek, Gerges Gabbara, Mansur Rahbani

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