Friday, August 12, 2016

The Pearl Necklace عقد اللولو Sabah Lebanese one-sheet

Pearl Necklace (1964) - (Sabah) Lebanese one-sheet

This is a 25.75" x 37.5" Lebanese poster for the 1964 Youssef Maalouf Syrian musical The Pearl Necklace AKA aqd al-lolo based on a story by Duraid Lahham, screenplay by Youssef Maalouf and starring Sabah as Bedour. Plot summary: Salem [Fahd Ballan] was a simple farmer who loved Bedour, a girl from his village, and wanted to marry her. There were some people who coveted his land. A message was given to him that he thought was written to his beloved but it was actually written by Ghawwar, [Duraid Lahham] who had returned from a trip with a pearl necklace. There was a quarrel between Salem and his feudal rival over the land he owned. On the wedding night Ghawwar gave Bedour the pearl necklace on Salem's behalf.

Cast and crew: Youssef Maalouf, Mohammed Al Rawas, Fahd Ballan, Nihat Kalai, Duraid Lahham, Sabah, Fahd Ballan, Sabri Ayad, Youssra al-Badawiya, Malek Sakar, Ahmed Tajeddine, Antoine Zahour, Mohammad al-Aqad, Charlotte Rushdi, Ahmed Addas

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