Sunday, August 14, 2016

Demon of Paradise (R1997) - (Kathryn Witt) Egyptian one-sheet

Demon of Paradise (R1997) - (Kathryn Witt) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Fathy al-Khodri for a 1997 rerelease of the 1987 Cirio H. Santiago film Demon of Paradise based on a story by C. J. Santiago and Frederick Bailey, screenplay by Frederick Bailey and starring Kathyrn Witt as Annie. Plot summary: A carnivorous lizardman is aroused by an illegal dynamite blast from his ageold slumber near a resort. Angela, the resort owner, works with Sheriff Keefer [William Steis] to save the tourists in the resort from the marauding monster.

Cast and crew: Kathryn Witt, William Steis, Laura Banks, Frederick Bailey, Cirio H. Santiago, C.J. Santiago, Leslie Scarborough, Henry Strzalkowski, Nick Nicholson, Liza Baumann, Paul Holmes, Joe Mari Avellana, David Light, Ronnie Patterson, David Anderson, Hero Bautista, Ramon D'Salva

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