Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Branded a Coward (1935) - (Johnny Mack Brown) Spanish rerelease one-sheet

Branded a Coward (1935) - (Johnny Mack Brown) undated Spanish rerelease one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Spanish one-sheet poster printed in Valencia Spain to promote an undated rerelease of the 1935 Sam Newfeld film Branded a Coward based on a story by Richard Martinsen adapted by Earle Snell and starring Johnny Mack Brown as Johnny Hume. Plot summary: As a young boy Johnny Hume witnesses the slaughter of his mother, father and brother by a gang of killers. This leaves him paryalyzed with fear as an adult when actual gunfights occur, although he is an expert rider and marksman. At one point he redeems himself by preventing a holdup when a stagecoach is attacked by a gang of highwaymen; he is later offered a job as marshal of Lawless Arizona because of his heroic gunplay. He decides to take the job after learning that the gang that attacked the stage was the same one that had killed his family when he was a child. During this time he also wins the heart of Ethel Carson [Billie Seward], who had been one of the stagecoach passengers.

Cast and crew: Richard Martinsen, Earle Snell, Syd Saylor, Billie Seward, Johnny Mack Brown, Sam Newfield, Lloyd Ingraham, Lee Shunway, Roger Williams I, Frank McCarroll, Yakima Canutt, Mickey Rentscheler, Rex Downing

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