Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wells Fargo (R1950) - (Joel McCrae) US insert

Wells Fargo (R1950) - (Joel McCrea) US insert

This is a US 14" x 36" insert poster for a 1950 rerelease of the 1937 Frank Lloyd film Wells Fargo based on a story by Stuart N. Lake, screenplay by Paul Schofield, Gerald Geraghty and Frederick J. Jackson and starring Joel McCrea as Ramsay MacKay. Plot summary: As Ramsay MacKay is breaking into a new job in St. Louis with Henry Wells, he also develops a romantic interest in Justine Pryor (Frances Dee) in competition with another suitor named Talbot Carter [Johnny Mack Brown].The two eventually marry after MacKay is transferred to California, but when the Civil War breaks out their marriage comes under stress because MacKay is transporting gold from California to the Union Army, while Justine and her mother [Mary Nash] are ardent supporters of the Confederacy. Joel McCrae and Frances Dee were married in real life as well as on the screen.

Cast and crew: Joel McCrea, Bob Burns, Francis Dee, Lloyd Nelson, Henry O'Neill, Mary Nash, Rslph Morgan, Johnny Mack Brown, Porter Hall, Jack Clark, Clarence Kolb, Robert Cummings, Granville Bates, Harry Davenport, Frank Conroy, Frank Lloyd, Stuart N. Lake, Gerald Geraghty

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