Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Journey to the Seventh Planet (1961) - (John Agar) US #4 Lobby Card

Journey to the Seventh Planet (1961) - (John Agar) US #4 lobby card

This is an 11" x 14" #4 US lobby card for the 1961 Sidney W. Pink film Journey to the Seventh Planet based on a story by Sidney W. Pink, screenplay by Ib Melchior and starring John Agar as Commander Don Graham. Plot summary: The United Nations sends a space probe to the planet Uranus, but when the ship lands the crew members realize much of what they see on Uranus is a projection of their own thoughts and memories, including the planet's landscape and inhabitants. These things happen because of the machinations of the planet's master, a sinister giant brain that probes their minds experimentally as it manipulates their thoughts and perceptions.

Cast and crew: Sidney W. Pink, Ib Melchior, John Agar, Carl Ottosen, Peter Monch, Ove Sprogoe, Louis Miehe-Renard, Ann Smyrner, Greta Thyssen, Ulla Moritz, Mimi Heinrich, Annie Birgit Garde, Bente Juel

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