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Rawhide (R1956) - (Tyrone Power) US title card

Rawhide (R1956) - (Tyrone Power) US title card

Pictured is a US 11" x 14" title card for a 1956 rerelease of the 1951 Henry Hathaway film Rawhide based on a story by Dudley Nichols and starring Tyrone Power as Tom Owens and Susan Hayward as Vinnie Holt. Plot summary: Rawhide is a desert stagecoach stop where Vinnie Holt finds herself and her niece stranded with the assistant stationmaster Tom Owens after stationmaster Sam Todd [Edgar Buchanan] has been killed by a fugitive murderer named Rafe Zimmerman [Hugh Marlowe] and his three henchmen. Tension runs high while the outlaws wait with their hostages for the next stage so they can rob it, but events take an unexpected turn. Jack Elam is especially good in this film in his role as the deranged outlaw Tevis, who takes an unhealthy interest in Vinnie.

Cast and crew: Henry Hathaway, Dudley Nichols, Tyrone Power, Susan Hayward, Hugh Marlowe, Dean Jagger, Edgar Buchanan, Jack Elam, George Tobias, Jeff Corey, James Millican, Louis Jean Heydt, William Haade, Milton R. Corey Sr., Kenneth Tobey, Dan White, Max Terhune

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