Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cairo (1963) - (George Sanders) US one-sheet

Cairo (1963) - (George Sanders) US one-sheet

Pictured is a US 27" x 41" one-sheet poster for the 1963 Wolf Rilla film Cairo based on a novel by W.R. Burnett, screenplay by Joan Scott and starring George Sanders as The Major. This film is a remake of the 1950 John Huston film The Asphalt Jungle based on the novel by W.R. Burnett. The woman pictured on the poster is the film's principal dancer, Nahed Sabri. Plot summary: On a visit to Cairo fresh out of a German prison, the Major tries to resurrect an old plan to steal the jewels from the Tutankhamen exhibit at the Cairo Museum but there are unexpected problems when he tries to abscond after the robbery.

Cast and crew: Wolf Rilla, W. R. Burnett, George Sanders, Richard Johnson, Faten Hamama, John Meillon, Ahmed Mazhar, Eric Pohlmann, Walter Rilla, Kamal Al-Shennawi, Salah Nazmi, Shouweikar, Mona, Abdel Khalek Saleh, Said Abu Bakr, Salah Mansour, Mohamed El Sayed, Youssef Chaban, Ezzat El Alaili, Mohamed Abdel Rahman, Nahed Sabri, Aziza Hassan

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