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Rails into Laramie (1954) - (John Payne) US insert

Rails into Laramie (1954) - (John Payne) US insert

This is a 14" x 36" US insert poster for the 1954 Jesse Hibbs film Rails into Laramie based on a story by D. D. Beauchamp and Joseph Hoffman and starring John Payne as Jefferson Hareder. Plot summary: Sergeant Jefferson Harder receives an unexpected promotion to captain and is sent to Laramie by his commanding officer General Augur [Stephen Chase] to find out out why the railroad construction has stopped, delaying completion of the transcontinental railroad. Harder finds a town so spoiled by gambling and drinking that the population is too corrupt and undisciplined to build the railroad; he proceeds to shut down the bars and fire the ineffective managers and workers. This leads to an armed and legal clash with Jim Shanessy [Dan Duryea], the local saloon owner and kingpin who is behind all the malfunctions. The first all-women jury in the US convened in Laramie with Shanessy's business partner Lou Carter [Mari Blanchard] serving as forewoman to bring justice for the murder of Marshal Orrie Summers [James Griffith], done on Shanessy's orders by Con Winton [Lee Van Cleef].

Cast and crew: Jesse Hibbs, D.D.Beauchamp, Jospeh Hoffman, John Payne, Mari Blanchard, Dan Duryea, Rex Allen, Joyce Mackenzie, Barton MacLane, Ralph Dumke, Harry Shannon, James Griffith, Lee Van Cleef, Myron Healey, Douglas Kennedy, George Chandler, Alexander Campbell, Charles Horvath, Alden Stephen

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