Monday, February 16, 2015

Santa Fe Pssage (1955) - (John Payne) US title card

Santa Fe Passage (1955) - (John Payne) US title card

This is an 11" x 14" US title card for the 1955 William Witney film Santa Fe Passage based on a screenplay by Lillie Hayward and Heck Allen and starring John Payne as Kirby Randolph. Plot summary: Kirby Randolph is a scout and wagon train guide who has been ostracized and is having difficulty finding work because a wagon train he was guiding was massacred by a Kiowa band led by Chief Satank [George Keymas]. Randolph hates all indians. He finds a new job with a train led by Jess Griswold [Rod Cameron] and manages to redeem himself by saving it from a wild horse stampede instigated by Chief Satank. Tension appears between Randolph and Griswold over Griswold's intended wife Aurelie St. Clair [Faith Domergue]. These tensions increase when Jess tells Kirby Aurelie is half indian.

Cast and crew: William Witney, Lillie Hayward, Heck Allen, John Payne, Faith Domergue, Rod Cameron, Slim Pickens, Irene Tedrow, George Keymas, Leo Gordon, Anthony Caruso

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