Sunday, February 8, 2015

Devil Fighter (zhuo yao zhan mo) (1969) - (dir: Lei Pan)

Devil Fighter (1969) - (dir: Lei Pan) Chinese LC set

Devil Fighter (1969) - (dir Lei Pan) Chinese one-sheet

Devil Fighter (R1979) - (dir: Lei Pan) Egyptian one-sheet

Pictured above are a set of Chinese lobby cards, a Chinese one-sheet and an Egyptian one-sheet for the 1969 Lei Pan film Devil Fighter (Zhuo yao zhan mo). This film seems to have completely disappeared leaving behind only rare bits of memorabilia such as these. All we know about the story is that it seems to have involved conflict with a giant two-legged, dog-faced bat creature in leather boots. Chinese Kung Fu films have various types of monsters, but this one is unusually bizarre.

As one blogger put it, these missing films are like pretend girlfriends -- they can never disappoint us!

Cast and crew: Lei Pan, Chien Tang, Lei Pan, Ke Pa, Shih Chin, Tsai Wang Ai, Chiang Chao, Fu-yan Chao, Yuan Chuan, Chiang Han, Chun Ku, Hung Yi

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