Sunday, February 15, 2015

Queen of the Pirates (1961) - (Gianna Maria Canale) US insert

Queen of the Pirates (1961) - (Gianna Maria Canale) US insert

This is a US 14" x 36" insert poster for the 1960 Mario Costa film Queen of the Pirates based on a story by John Byrne and Kurt Nachmann and starring Gianna Maria Canale as Sandra. Plot summary: This film is a tale of 16th century Italy set on the Adriatic coast. Sandra, the daughter of a naval officer, is sold into slavery in the Middle East along with her father Captain Mirko [Jose Jaspe]. When the daughter escapes with her father's help she becomes queen of the Adriatic pirates. The original Italian title is La Venere del pirati.

Cast and crew: Mario Costa, John Byrne, Kurt Nachmann, Gianna Maria Canale, Massimo Serato, Scillla Gabel, Livio Lorenzon, Paul Muller, Moira Orfel, Jose Jaspe, Giustino Durano, Andrea Aureli, Franco Fantasia, Nando Tamberlani, Giulio Battiferri, Luigi Marturano, Gianni Solaro, Annamaria Mustari

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