Monday, July 11, 2016

Escape to High Risk (1984) - (Peng Tien) Egypian one-sheet

Escape to High Risks (1984) - (Peng Tien) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Abdel Ghani for the 1984 film Escape to High Risk AKA Escape to Freedom AKA Hei yu da tao wang written and directed by Ching Kong and starring Peng Tien as Alex Tan. Plot summary: The Black Jail is a stone fortress with guard towers and a barbed wire perimeter located deep in a remote Southeast Asian jungle; it was occupied by Japanese forces during World War II and they continue to occupy it today. No one has ever escaped. A new batch of prisoners has arrived, one of whom is Mr. Alex Tan, a notorious agent. The warden tells him he will be a permanent resident, but Tan insists he will not be staying long.

Cast and crew: Kang Cheng, Ching Kong, Peng Tien, John T. King, Paul Sheu, Rose Kuei, Roc Tien, Elsa Yeung, Lina Sha, Karin Sun, Desmond Cheung, Dick Lo, Wang yang, Chan May Hung, Chan Hung Lik, Hui San Yang, Hung Lieh Chen, Ling Ling Hsia, Feng Chang, Hsiu-ju Chang, Mei-ching Chen, Yang Chiang, Pu-liao Hsu, Ya-lei Kuei, Erh Liang, Yun Ling, Ti Lu, Hsing Lung

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