Sunday, July 10, 2016

Rocky IV (1986) - (Sylvester Stallone) Egyptian one-sheet

Rocky IV (1986) - (Sylvester Stallone) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian one-sheet poster for the 1986 Sylvester Stallone film Rocky IV written and directed by Sylvester Stallone and starring Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa. Plot summary: Rocky Balboa goes to Russia for a revenge fight against Ivan Drago, [Dolph Lundgren] a 6'5" Russian boxer of formidable power.

Cast and crew: Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young, Carl Weathers, Brigitte Nielse, Tony Burton, Michael Pataki, Dolph Lundgren, Stu Nahan, R.J. Adams, Al Bandiero, Dominic Barto, Danial Brown, James Brown, Rose Mary Campos

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