Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Curse of Snakes Valley (1987) - (Krzysztof Kolberger) Egyptian one-sheet

The Curse of Snakes Valley (1988) - (Kryzsztof Kolberger) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster for the 1987 Marek Piestrak film The Curse of Snakes Valley AKA Klatwa Doliny Wezy written by Wojciech Nizynski, Marek Piestrak and Vladimir Valutskiy and starring Krzysztof Kolberger as Professor Jan Tarnas. Plot summary: In 1954 an American mercenary Captain Bernard Traven [Roman Wilhelmi] fighting in Vietnam steals a vase from a Buddhist monastery. In 1988 Traven goes to Professor Jan Tarnas at the Sorbonne in Paris with an old map found in the vase. Professor Tarnas sees the map as vindication of one of his pet theories; this leads to the organization of an expedition to Vietnam and a jungle trek to a remote monastery.

Cast and crew: Marek Piestrak, Wojciech Nizynski, Krzysztof, Kolberger, Roman Wilhelmi, Ewa Salacka, Zbigniew Lesien, Leon Niemczyk, Igor Przegrodzki, Zygmunt Bielawaski, Henryk Bista, Sergei Desnitsky, Mikk Mikiver, Tonu Saar, Margus Tuuling

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