Friday, July 1, 2016

Take Care of Your Mind خلي بالك من عقلك Adel Imam 1985 Egyptian one-sheet

Take Care of Your Mind (1985) - (Adel Imam) Lebanese one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Lebanese one-sheet poster designed by Gasour for the 1985 Mohamed Abdel Aziz film Take Care of Your Mind based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Ahmed Abdel Wahab and starring Adel Imam as Wael Abdel Halim. Plot summary: Wael Abdel Halim was studying for a masters degree in psychology while working in a cabaret at night to meet expenses. In the mornings he would go to a hospital for field training in mental illness. He met a girl there named Salwa [Sherihan] who had severe psychological problems; he became emotionally involved and decided to marry her after she improved under his care.

Cast and crew: Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Abdel Wahab, Naima Al Soghayar, Umran Bahar, Ahmed Bedir, Aziza Helmy, Sherihan, Galal El Sharkawy, Fouad Ahmed, Laila Yousra, Sayed Sadeq, Adawi Geith, Sausan Rabia, Na'im Esa, Shawqi Shamekh, Awatef Takala, Rafet Ragi, Ahmed Abuabih, Sameh Mojahed, Hussein al-Sherif, Samir Rostam, Badria Abdel Gawad, Hoda Kamal, Mahmoud Abu Galila, Samia Hatam, Zizi Farid

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