Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Ninja Mission (1984) - (Kryzysztof Kolberger) Egyptian one-sheet

The Ninja Mission (1984) - (Kryzysztof Kolberger) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Moaty for the 1984 Mats Helge film The Ninja Mission written by Matthew Jacobs and starring Kryzsysztof Kolberger as Mason. It was an unusually successful Swedish film released in 54 countries (according to Wikipedia). It has also reportedly achieved cult status in some Asian countries. It is one of those bad movies that some people feel compelled to see. If you are one of those, for now we have a decent copy from YouTube (which as always with YouTube videos, may become unavailable at any minute). Plot summary: Karl Markov [Curt Broberg] is a Swedish scientist who has been taken hostage by the KGB while working in the USSR, so they can get access to his latest invention. After his daughter Nadia [Hanna Bieniuszewicz AKA Hanna Pola] is also kidnapped and taken to Russia, American CIA agent Mason leads a group of ninjas into the Soviet Union to get them out.

Cast and crew: Mats Helge, Matthew Jacobs, Kryzysztof Kolberger, Hanna Pola, Bo F. Munthe, Curt Broberg, Hans Rosteen, John Quantz, Sirka Sander, Mark Davies, Wolf Linder, Brett Barber, Derek Keith, Lucy Frost, Nigel Bennett, Bob Gileberg, Matthew Jacobs, Hanna Bieniuszewicz

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