Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Consolationجبر الخواطر Sherihan 1998 Egyptian one-sheet

Consolation (1998) - (Sherihan) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 25.75" x 36.5" Egyptian poster for the 1998 Atef-e Taieb psychological thriller Consolation [gabr al-khawater] based on a story by Abdel Fatah Rizk, screenplay and dialogue by Bachir El Dik and starring Sherihan as Nawal Ibrahim al-Saadi. Plot summary: In Alexandria Nawal Ibrahim al-Saadi was suffering from schizophrenia in a psychiatric clinic after being forcibly separated from her divorced husband and her only son Adel. She met many patients suffering from various problems. Dr. Mahmoud Shaker [Ashraf Abdel Baqi] sympathized with Nawal and tried to help her as much as possible, but he saw the hospital director Dr. Al-Meliguy [Hassan Mostafa] was subjecting the patients to unsafe experiments; this prompted him to take action against the schemes.

Cast and crew: Atef-e Taieb, Sherihan, Abdel Fatah Rizq, Bachir El Dik, Samir Farag, Ashraf Abdel Baqi, Enaam Salousa, Sanaa Younes, Alaa Wali Eddine, Lamia Al-Gedaoui, Farida Seif el Nasr, Jihan Nasr, Tarek Lotfy, Hassan Mostafa, Hend Akef, Galeela Mahmood, Alain Zoghbi, Gihan Fadel, Aisha Al-Kilani, Alaa Wali Eddine

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